After several months of waiting, Samsung finally officially launched the virtual assistant's voice feature Bixby for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +

First Bixby was released for South Korean users last May and then released a preview only for some users of United States in English and now finally all Users in this country will be able to use the voice feature, which is one of the most important in a digital assistant.

Galaxy users can now easily activate voice commands that will help with many daily tasks.

For example one may ask Bixby to complete simple tasks such as capturing a selfie or turning on the flashlight app, to complex tasks as reminders or searching for images taken in a

To activate the new Bixby voice feature you must first update the application and press the dedicated Bixby button, which is located below the audio volume buttons of the terminal or simply Saying aloud "Hi Bixby."

As they are using Bixby, this one is learning more and recognizing the way of speaking and the different preferences of the user

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