So far when LinkedIn users shared an article with the public, only users who were connected to their account could see it ] LinkedIn which from this month of July has changed and can now be seen by all users, even those not connected to the network of professionals.

This feature is optional since The user can activate or not the same, so that all connected or can not see the article or only those that are connected to his LinkedIn account can see the same.

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The Public setting is now available on LinkedIn for Desktop and mobile applications for iOS and Android, although in the latter two you have to keep in mind that they must have updated applications. With respect to iOS they must have version 9.7.6490 and as for Android version 0.140.89.

In their help center the network of professionals points out that articles created with other platforms they share on LinkedIn , Such as InShare and Elevate using the Public setting will continue to be viewed only by users connected to LinkedIn.

Finally, previously published articles will continue to be viewed Seen only by connected users, even those that have been shared.

Via | Fars Kameli

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