Samsung Electronics announced an agreement with Paypal Holdings, Inc. To add your service as payment method through Samsung Pay anywhere where it is accepted and both through the application, as well as online and in the Samsung Store.

] Also and via Paypal service called Braintree merchants will be able to accept Samsung Pay as payment method through the app and online.

Samsung explains that customers will be able to make use of From Samsung Pay to access and use your Paypal wallet, which will allow them to pay in millions of stores.

 Paypal "width =" 850 "height =" 527 "data-lazy-data-lazy In a first stage this new method of payment for Samsung Pay will be released for users of States. [/UnitedStatesandaccordingtotheKoreancompanyverysooninothercountries</p>
<p> This agreement follows another announced ha A few days ago through which users Paypal users can pay with this service in the App Store, Apple iTunes, Apple iBooks and Apple Music in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Israel, Italy, Italy, Mexico , The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. </p>
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