It's been 35 years since Nissan launched the first generation of the Nissan Micra and since then it has been going for 5 generations, with the last one debuting in the 2016 with a new design that can be customized, with new dimensions and new levels of technology that in some cases until now were only limited to vehicles of upper segments.

Nissan had no better idea than to tell the story and analyze The evolution of these 5 generations of this compact, but from the point of view related to customers and specifically to their tastes, needs and expectations.

The Japanese company explains that several factors influenced the design And development of every generation of the Nissan Micra such as changing trends in consumer products, fashion, architecture, music and even technology modeled the

With the history story they also wanted to make an analysis of the changes both exterior and interior, but for this Nissan Iberia traveled to Milan, Italy, where they had the help And vision of an expert in design and marketing, Davide Tealdi, who teaches the prestigious IED (European Institute of Design)

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FIRST GENERATION 1982-1992 Arrived in the 80's. It was a pioneer in its segment and a success since its launch to the market. " It was characterized by a rational design, square lines, a generous space and excellent visibility. Nissan was able to interpret the needs of customers who, after seeing 'Terminator', 'Back to the Future' or Madonna's video clips, considered the vehicle as a symbol of future and progress to which they could give a functional use "explains Tealdi. Despite being initially commercialized only in the Canary Islands, the Nissan Micra was fundamental for the brand in Spain, since its launch coincided with the start of industrial operations in 1983 in the Barcelona Free Trade Zone. Both the Micra and the Nissan Patrol became the two references of the mark for the Spanish public, although it was not until the second generation of Micra when the Spaniards began to recognize the "small" of "Los Japoneses" (the slogan of the Brand in its first years in Spain)

The same year in which the Olympic Games of Barcelona took place, Nissan presented the second one Generation of the Micra and its commercialization arrived for the first time to the peninsula. According to Tealdi, "The design of softer lines, with technological innovations typical of upper segments and a more emotional geometry connected with a younger audience and with an eagerness to express themselves. Thanks to this, it became a true product of worship ". It was the first generation Micra produced in the United Kingdom, with more than one million manufactured units.

Third generation radicalized its curved lines and Presented a more sporty style than its predecessor. "The design was thought to convey a sense of tranquility and complicity to the drivers. It offered more space in the cabin and special attention was paid to the details of both the interior and exterior, profiling a unique and distinctive style. Having a Micra was a reason for differentiation "says Davide Tealdi. The third Micra was the first after the creation of the Alliance Nissan Renault


In the fourth generation of the Micra, Maintain the curved lines, but at the same time the reintroduction of some elements of rationality is detected in order to meet the needs of a more varied public. The entry of Generation Z and the digital revolution exerted their influence "says the expert in automotive design of IED Milan. The fourth generation Micra was produced in India, and its update in 2013 marked one of the milestones within the brand, as it incorporated for the first time the V-shaped grill, a distinctive element in all models of the family (19459003)

Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2016, and on sale since last March, the new. Nissan Micra represents a whole revolution compared to the model's past. "Emotional geometry has been made with control, and its new dimensions are characterized by lines of dynamic and sporty aspect. The interior has been completely renovated in terms of design, quality, while the materials, available in two tones, are softer to the touch "explains Davide Tealdi.

10 exterior colors – three of them designed exclusively for this model – and 4 interior color combinations, in addition to customization kits, allows up to 125 possible combinations. The objective: that the driver can express their tastes and personality through a design made to measure.

On the other hand, technologies for comfort and safety belong to higher segments, and are combined with a more rigid chassis, a new suspension and better insulation acoustic.

In short, "The new Nissan Micra fits a new generation of drivers, a male and female audience of all ages, with and without Family "concludes Tealdi. " They are drivers who want to express their urban life to the fullest through a car full of personality, colors and music" Nissan Micra "width =" 1000

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