At the beginning of December, Google introduced a feed based on machine learning in its mobile application for iOS and Android with cards with information such as sports Highlights, important news, attractive videos, new music, stories to read and more. But now, the Mountain View company will not only consider user interaction to determine the content to include in your feed, with the new update of your app will also take into account information on trends in the area of ​​influence of the user and Worldwide.

Google states that " The more you use Google, the better your feed ". That's why as user interest and trend in the rest of the world changes, the user feed in the Google application will continue to grow and evolve with the user.

The new user feed in The app will also reflect levels of interest in various topics such as if the user is a technology enthusiast, but special interest in the world of mobile, the feed will reflect that difference by showing more information about the world of mobile.

In addition to helping the user to offer cards with much more precise interests, users will now be able to follow different topic through the new Follow button that includes in certain Types of search results, including movies, Sports, their favorite bands or artists, famous people and more. A quick tap of the button and the user will start receiving updates and stories about that topic in his feed.

In the event that Google begins to include related news, but no longer of the interest of the user, this in any

Google also points out:

Also, And to provide information from various perspectives, news can have multiple views from a variety of sources, as well as other information and related articles. And when it's available, you'll be able to check facts and see other relevant information to help you gain a more holistic understanding of the topics in your feed.

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<p> Of your feed, at the top of each card, will have a header that will allow you to search for more information in Google with just a touch. </p>
<p> These new features will be activated first for users in the United States and in a pair of More weeks will be activated for the rest of the world. </p>
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